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  • WordCamp Montclair 2020 Promo Videos

    For those that aren’t aware, I am lead organizer of WordCamp Montclair 2020, which is happening May 30-31st. This past Friday myself and 2 other organizers (Eileen and Howard) went to our venue at Montclair State University to shoot some short promo videos. This was Eileen’s idea, and I thought it was a really great […]

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  • Top 10 Tech Talks

    So far in 2020 I’ve submitted talks to two WordCamps that are happening in the next few months. The talk I submitted is similar to the one I gave at WordCamp NYC in 2019, but with the plan to tighten it up a bit and expand on just one of the topics that I feel […]

  • TIL: comma-separated terms

    A good friend of mine emailed me today with a WordPress question: we have a url like /category/term1/ that we’re using to filter on stuff If I do get_query_var(‘category’) it will properly return ‘term1’ If we have the url like /category/term1+term2/ get_query_var(‘category’) still only returns ‘term1’… do you have any insight as to why? Thanks […]

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  • How to create unique widget areas for individual posts in WordPress

    Here’s a cool little trick for adding widget areas that are unique to posts, but without cluttering up Appearance->Widgets in the admin. Instead, we utilize the Customizer, which is perfect for this sort of thing. First thing, we need to hook a function into `init` where we register our widget area.

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  • The Day After WordCamp US

    I was fortunate to be able to attend the very first WordCamp US this past weekend. It was held in Philadelphia, which is a reasonable drive from where I live in North Jersey. It’s also usually hard for me to get away these days since I have a 17-month-old child, but luckily, my wife was fine with […]

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